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Now is the time to think seriously about how to reduce your electricity bill. The energy price cap in the UK increased by 54% in April and news this week suggests it will rise again by 70% in October. That means our bills for gas and electricity will increase by more than 120% in a single year. Check out our favourite money saving expert Martin Lewis on what the energy price cap means for householders.

Energy Efficient Practices

The best way to reduce your electricity bill is to use less electricity. Do you really need to run your washing machine at 60°? Best practice is to run it at 30° and wash full loads whenever possible.

Use LED lightbulbs and turn off lights that are not being used.

Energy Efficient Devices

Your fridge and cooker are probably the worst offenders, especially if they are more than five years old. New technology allows these devotes to run more efficiently, consuming less energy. That’s a good start.

Next in line are all those devices that go to standby when you switch them off. Its a small saving, but it really does add up.

For example, leaving a Sky Box or equivalent on standby costs a staggering £37 a year. Multi room sound systems up to £27 a year.

Other offenders are mobile phone chargers, microwaves, computers, TV’s – basically anything with a standby mode is costing you money!

Modern devices are more efficient than older ones, and some have an Eco setting that reduces the load to next to nothing.

If you don’t have loft insulation get it today! Hot air rises and most of the heat in a poorly insulated house is lost through the roof.

Lastly a tip from my gran – close your curtains in the winter! Seriously, it helps to cut out drafts and keep the heat in.

Check out the Government site on Energy saving tips and get the lates on what energy performance certificates actually mean.

Solar Panels

Advances in solar technology mean that even the grey days can be used to save electricity. Prices are coming down while the cost of energy is going up so it makes sense to consider solar energy as an alternative to simply turning devices off.

The options are simple, you can save the electricity generated to batteries and use those to power your house. Like hybrid cars, the battery will power the house until there is no more charge at which point it uses the grid. Solar is a significant investment but gets to the heart of the problem. There is no better way to reduce your electricity bill than to generate your own electricity!

You can also sell your surplus energy back to the grid – for urban dwellings this is not economical, ignore the hype, you’re selling your energy for a pittance and buying it back at full price. Our advice is to go the hybrid route. Check out our article Smart Technology in the Home for more detail on Solar.

Smart Home Technology

Running around the house unplugging devices last thing at night is probably not your idea of the ideal way to finish off an evening. Ours neither!

Smart Plugs

Smart Home tech is the answer to this and so many more problems! Start with a smart plug – these can be set to switch off automatically and can be controlled by Siri, Google Home, Control 4 amongst others.

Smart Thermostats

On a more general level, smart thermostats can regulate the temperature of your home in response to whether the room is being used, time of day or remote control. A modern system will learn how long it takes to raise the temperature to your satisfaction and turn the statement on early enough to have the house ready when you walk through the door!

Of course you’re still paying for the cost of heating individual rooms, but consider this as a sure fire way to reduce your electricity bill – turning your temperature down by just one degree can save around £75 a year at the old prices. [source: Money Supermarket, January 2022]

Smart Home Systems

We advocate Control 4 as the ultimate Smart Home Controller. Essentially the system brings all of your smart devices under one virtual roof so that you can control them from your mobile phone or a dedicate control pad. It’s more affordable than you might think and so easy to use.

Running a house efficiently is the best way to reduce your electricity bill and Control 4 gives you the ability to target your energy where it is needed and reduce it where it is redundant.

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