Smart Security Systems in 2022

Smart Security Systems in 2022 build on the security technology we all know and love. So what actually is a Smart Security System?

Back in the day, most people’s experience of security systems was the bell on a neighbours house that kept them awake in the wee small hours. Thankfully, those days are gone and the least sophisticated systems can be programmed to shut off after a while or to alert a monitoring system, but that’s as far as it went until comparatively recently.

This year, things are going to get a lot smarter and a lot more usable. Who remembers the feeling of dread when you set the alarm and sprint out of the house only to realise you’d left your keys inside. We do! Those days are over. You can set and disable the system from your phone!


Research last year discovered that when people had guests staying, they invariably don’t set the alarm because they can’t face the complexity of re-configuring the zones. Leaving themselves and their guests unguarded at night. The issue is that if a system is perceived as difficult, then it won’t be used.

There are numerous arguments for making security systems more user friendly, and there are numerous solutions – keypads, fobs etc. all of which have improved things, but Smart technology is the game changer.


With Smart Technology in the home, your alarm system is accessible to an app on your mobile phone via a secure internal network attached to your router. You’ll be able to see what your CCTV sees any time of day or night. Send alerts to your mobile if movement is detected while you’re away. Arm the alarm at the press of a button – no more setting the keypad and sprinting up the stairs, simply swipe to the app on your phone and click!

Smart Locks

You will also be able to let trusted people into the house from afar. Have you ever been delayed in traffic and your friend has arrived, only to stand outside in the rain until you get back? Not a problem with Smart Security systems – simply disarm the alarm.

How will they get into the house you ask? Simple! Smart locks are available that you can set and unset from your mobile. Vendors like Yale have been supplying these locks for a few years now, integrate with your Control4 system and you can lock the doors anytime you like. Better still, you can check the status of your locks from your mobile phone and lock anything that has been left open.

Smart Lighting

Remember those plugs with timers that you used to have your lights come on and off while you were on holiday? How many times did you actually use them?

Smart Lighting can be programmed to activate in response to ambient light levels or time. You can switch lights on and off remotely. You can even control the blinds. The art of secure holiday taking is to make it appear as though the house is occupied. Lights coming on at different intervals, blinds being opened and closed will deter any burglar who is watching the house.

Smart Wireless Networks

Have you ever thought that Alexa is listening to you? The good news is, it isn’t. But in theory it could be. With proliferation of wireless connected and voice activated devices its as important to protect your network as it is to protect your house! This is why we recommend a centralised Smart Control System that connects your devices securely. We partner with Control4 for this capability, it uses secure wireless protocols to prevent anyone apart from you and your authorised devices from accessing your home network.

If you’re interested in Smart Security Systems in 2021, download our brochure here.

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