Smart Technology for a Smart Home

The house of the future relies on smart technology communicating securely and quietly in the background, leaving you to get on with your life in the most comfortable possible way. We like to think of it as Smart Technology for a Smart Home.

As an example of smart technology in the home, Burglar alarms have become a core feature of modern life. Next came CCTV – one thing criminals hate is to be filmed. These things are chosen to protect the safety and security of your family and belongings.

Next, the central heating. I’ll never forget the sheer luxury of being able to turn on the central heating from the office on a colder than expected autumn day! These things are now the mainstay of smart living.

Smart TV. Oh my goodness! Netflix, Amazon, BBC all on one device, controlled from a single remote. If only there was something that would include the Central Heating..

There is! Control 4 is the home automation system that can bring all of your smart features together allowing you to control any device or system that is connected. Compatible with 35,000 existing devices, it doesn’t get much better!

Smart Technology for a Smart Home

Security & Safety

Connect your burglar alarm and CCTV to Control 4, monitor the cameras while you are away – haven’t you ever wondered what the dog gets up to while you’re at work? Ours looked distinctly guilty!

The smart technology behind Control 4 ensures that electronic intrusion is unwelcome. It runs in a secure VPN that hides all of the connections from view. Only you, using your app on a smart phone or tablet can control your house.

Smart Locks. Forgot to lock the back door? No problem, Yale smart locks can be controlled from the Control 4 App. Meeting somebody at home? If you’re running late just let them in. All safe and secure via Control 4.


Your music collection and favourite streaming apps can all be controlled, tracks selected, volume adjusted., Control 4 supports Sonos seamlessly as well as all of the usual streaming suspects – Spotify, Deezer, Pandora etc. You can have multiroom audio, streaming different music to different rooms – if you have teenagers in the house you’ll appreciate just how much better your life could become!

Home Theatre

Cue up a video and control it from the Control 4 console. Nothing could be easier.


You don’t have to be Terry Thomas to imagine how much difference smart lighting can make to your life. Lights can be triggered on and off at threshold levels, but better than that, light levels can be adjusted from the sofa – add a little music and date night will never be the same again!


How much better can life be than switching on the coffee grinder from afar? On your way home from the shops, cue up the smart plug powering your coffee machine, grind the beans and have a fresh cappuccino prepared as you enter the room. With all the time you save, you’ll have to take up a hobby!

Windows & Blinds

Would you believe you can program your blinds to close if its too bright or even have the window open if it’s too cold!

Smart Technology

The key to using smart technology successfully is to remember that it’s there to help make your life easier, safer and more manageable. The key to making it manageable is to have a reliable smart controlling application to bring all of your devices under one virtual roof. With Control 4 you can manage devices individually via the usual remote control or use the Control 4 app on a tablet, smart phone, portable or wall mounted controller. Come and have a chat with us and we’ll recommend the best configuration for your requirements.

Smart Home Showroom

Check out our virtual showroom for Smart Technology…you can watch it complete a 360° rotation or just drag the picture to where you want it to be and click the information points for various smart technologies.

or visit the real showroom and get a demonstration – click here for details – we think you’ll be impressed!

Otherwise, if you’re interested in seeing how Security Wise can help you take your home into the 21st Century, subscribe to our list and download our Smart Homes Brochure here.

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